3D AI for E-Commerce

Our deep-technology solution rapidly converts your catalogue photos to 3D.

No hardware, no fuss, straight to web/XR.

Why ZEG.ai for E-commerce?

ZEG.ai is building a ground-breaking technology that uses computer vision and deep learning to generate 3D models. We can create high-quality models of a wide range of furniture, shoes, clothing, and other consumer goods.


Our algorithms produce photorealistic quality content which can bring your products to life, and dramatically increase conversion.


We have leveraged deep learning to provide 3D content as a service for the first time, massively reducing the cost and time needed to present your products in 3D and XR.

Increase Conversion

The power of 3D lies in enhancing visualisations, making products look better than photography alone.

Faster & Cheaper 3D

ZEG.ai makes it feasible to get an ROI on 3D. We are reducing time and costs considerably for 3D asset generation.

Existing Images

ZEG.ai is building ground-breaking technology that enables 3D model generation using as few as 1-2 of your catalogue images.

Easy Deployment

ZEG.ai models can be exported in a variety of formats, allowing you to easily put visualisations on your customers devices.